Pioneers in Neuroscience Research
and its Treatment

Out top area of interest in the Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology area (PNIE) is focused on conducting functional tests to gain knowledge about brain disorders and provide comprehensive and personalized treatments.

Importance of an early diagnosis

The importance of establishing an early diagnosis is to determine the underlying alterations in the types and sub-types of neuropsychiatric disorders and give the adequate treatment. Considering that the brain has greater generation capacity at earlier ages, the sooner an adequate treatment is given the greater the neurofunctional and clinical recovery grade. 

Our experience shows that there are different neuropsychiatric diseases – such as autism and the generalized developmental disorder, among others – with a more favorable prognosis and faster and more significant clinical changes derived from early diagnoses and interventions; for example, clear and important language improvements are seen (both expressive and comprehensive language) and in the functional skills in general.

The application of neuropsychophysiological tests provides us with an objective and accurate diagnosis for prevention and/or medical intervention required to offer comprehensive care to the patient.




This disease is characterized by the presentation of disorders associated with communication, socializing, and repetitive movements without any purpose or stereotypes.



Diego Alfonso - 11 years old<br>Barquisimeto, Venezuela
My worries started when Diego was one year and eight months old because he did not utter any words, did not make eye contact, did not chew, did not follow instructions, did not recognize his family environment, and felt very upset with any noise. Based on these problems we took Diego to different specialists, including a pediatrician, neurologist, speech therapist, psychiatrist, and psychopedagogue. He was eventually diagnosed with a ‘neurologic lesion with diffuse affection and psychomotor developmental delay’ (autism).
Ali - 12 years old<br>Caracas, Venezuela
When my son was 11 months old, he was diagnosed with microcephaly and overall developmental delay. We started to look for different ways and treatments to help my son to progress and overcome his difficulties. However, no matter what I attempted I was unable to find a cure or see any progress to provide him with better quality of life.

Years went by, increasing my deception and frustration. I did not know how to help my son, and his condition continued deteriorating, because he was growing up and I did not know how to help him.


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